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I am an M.Tech from IIT Roorkee and MBA from IIM Lucknow India. I am having more than 16 years of experience in design, development, Integration and implementation of Geographical Information System for various applications in Utilities, Watershed Management and Land records domains

Corporate GIS

The corporate GIS is envisaged to have datasets that are shared by all the users in an organization. With rerefence to the global Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), the spatial datasets in association with policies, organisational remits, technologies, standards, delivery mechanisms, … Continue reading

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Autocorrelation using Python

A times series is a series of data points which are listed (indexed) in time order. Simply a time series is a sequence taken at successive equal interval points in time. Therefore, it is a sequence of discrete-time data. The … Continue reading

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Assumptions of the classical regression model

As a series of articles on Predictive Data Analytics, the team Agilytics will be publishing some of the fundamental concepts. The classical normal linear regression model can be used to handle the twin problems of statistical inference i.e. Estimation Hypothesis … Continue reading

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Product Thinking and Thought Leadership

“There is an industry-wide shift toward more ‘product thinking’ in leadership                        –leaders who understand the social and cultural contexts in which our technologies are deployed”- Damon_Horowitz The thought leaders are … Continue reading

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Application of GIS and Big Data Analytics in Agribusiness

Abstract:                                                                               … Continue reading

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Business in my blood

The aim is crystal clear. The years of working for others and toiling to earn experience and problem solving skills, have finally led to believe that ‘Business is in my blood’. The most basic element of creating and running a … Continue reading

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Start-up Analytics

To be an entrepreneur is like stepping onto a roller-coaster ride in the world of business. There are ups, there are downs and there are horrifying turns. Sometimes you feel a little frustrated afterwards and sometimes you are inexplicably happy. … Continue reading

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